Friday, July 5, 2013

Qt 5.1

New Qt 5.1 is available Now: What's New in Qt 5.1

Qt 5.1 is a Modern Multi-Platform Way of Writing Applications

Qt 5.1 is the latest release of the cross-platform C++ Application and UI framework. Qt 5.1 solidifies the modern multi-platform way of writing applications with Qt 5 by adding more flesh to the bone by boosting the UI technology and performance. You can now create native Qt-based cross-platform applications all with one framework and target all the most popular operating systems on desktop, embedded and mobile.

The central UI technology of Qt, Qt Quick, takes a big step forward with a new layout support and Qt Quick Controls, a pre-built toolbox of re-usable UI controls on top of the declarative QML language.

In Qt 5.1, these controls are supported on all desktop operating systems providing native look-and-feel. In the coming months, we will introduce support for touch-based controls and mobile look-and-feel. As sugar on top, Qt 5.1 presents technology previews of the official Qt ports on Android and iOS allowing you to start your multi-platform story on mobile as well.

Qt 5 Everywhere Demo

Check out the “Qt Everywhere” demo launcher showing various features of Qt 5.1 running with the same UX on Windows, Linux, Mac, embedded Linux (i.MX 6), Windows 8 and Android - true cross-platform development with the same code.

Qt 5.1 come with a The Terminal example to show how to create a terminal for a simple serial interface by using Qt Serial Port. We can load and run it to communication with Arduino Due board easily. read: Qt Terminal example work with Arduino

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