Friday, June 14, 2013

Download ADK Source in Ubuntu

The document "Downloading the ADK Source" describe how to obtain the source material for the ADK. Before that, we have to install curl, git and repo. The steps below show how to install the tools and also ADK source in Ubuntu (13.04).

- Open Terminal.

- Install curl
$sudo apt-get install curl

- Install git
$sudo apt-get install git

- Then create bin/ directory in home directory, and include it in your path.
$mkdir ~/bin

- Install Repo
$curl > ~/bin/repo
$chmod a+x ~/bin/repo

- Finally, create a new directory for the downloaded ADK source files, initialize and synchronize a local repository:
$mkdir android-accessories
$cd android-accessories
$repo init -u
$repo sync

After successfully completing this process, you should have the source code and tools for working with the ADK 2012:

adk2012/board - Source code and hardware design files for the ADK 2012
adk2012/app - Source code for the ADK 2012 Android companion application
external/ide - Source code for the ADK 2012 Integrated Development Environment (IDE)
external/toolchain - The toolchain used by the ADK 2012 IDE

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