Tuesday, April 5, 2016

First test HC-05 Bluetooth Module

This video show my first test of HC-05 Bluetooth Module. Connect a FTDI USB-to-Serial adapter to HC-05. And try communication between Arduino Serial Monitor > FTDI > HC-05 and PC (running Windows 10) Bluetooth (PuTTY).

By default, HC-05 work as slave, and have name and pin of "HC-05" and "1234".

Connection between FTDI and HC-05
FTDI Tx - HC-05 Rx
FTDI Rx - HC-05 Tx
HC-05 VCC - separated 3.3V

AT Command mode of HC-05
Android BluetoothChat example link with HC-05 Bluetooth
Android BluetoothChat connect to Arduino Uno + HC-05
Config HC-05(s) as paired Master and Slave

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