Saturday, March 19, 2016

First run NodeMCU and flash firmware

The below videos show first run NodeMCU in Windows 10, download and flash update firmware.

This video show how to find the NodeMCU connected port, and connect it with PuTTY.

Most probably, NodeMCU ship WITHOUT update firmware. This video show how to download and flash firmware on NodeMCU. To download firmware and flasher, visit, and follow the steps shown in the video.
(May be you have to press and hold the on-board FLASH button, then click the Flash button of ESP8266Flasher, once flash started, you can release on-board FLASH button.)

If everything OK, you should able to connect NodeMCU with PuTTY, and enter Lua shell.
(If NodeMCU have no response in PuTTY terminal, try to press the RST button on NodeMCU.)

Test NodeMCU onboard LED in Lua shell

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