Friday, November 6, 2015

Install ESP8266 Board to Arduino IDE

With ESP8266 Board installed on Arduino IDE, we can program ESP8266 modules as a standalone microcontroller/board, as simple as program Arduino.

Installing with Boards Manager

Starting with 1.6.4, Arduino allows installation of third-party platform packages using Boards Manager. The ESP8266 packages available for Windows, Mac OS, and Linux (32 and 64 bit).
  • Install Arduino 1.6.5 from the Arduino website.
  • Start Arduino and open Preferences window.
  • Enter into Additional Board Manager URLs field. You can add multiple URLs, separating them with commas.
  • Open Boards Manager from Tools > Board menu and install esp8266 platform (and don't forget to select your ESP8266 board from Tools > Board menu after installation).

With ESP8266 Board Library installed, you can build more project on Standalone ESP8266, without controller such as Arduino.

Program standalone ESP8266/ESP-12 WiFi module with Arduino IDE
Simple Web Server example of standalone ESP8266/ESP-12 WiFi Module

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  1. Thanks for the info. I was already playing with the arduino and thought (just like many more) that this was a cheap wifi module, nothing more. Then recently, I saw a great instructional on youtube of what this little monster is capable of. And now I can use the ide I know already, and again a new world just opened for me.
    I'll have a look at your other posts too.