Sunday, September 13, 2015

Java + JavaFX + jSSC run on Raspberry Pi, control Arduino Uno

Last post show a example of Java + JavaFX + jSSC run on PC/Windows 10 developed in NetBeans IDE, to communicate with/control Arduino Uno. Here we remote run it on Raspberry Pi to communicate with/control Arduino Uno.

This video show how to create Remote Java SE Platform on NetBeans IDE run on Windows 10, and run it remotely on Raspberry Pi 2.

Host development platform:
OS: Windows 10
IDE: NetBeans IDE 8.0.2
Programming Language: Java + JavaFX + jSSC (refer last post Last Post)

Target platform:
Raspberry Pi 2
OS: Raspbian
Both Host development platform and Target platform in the same Network.

remark: due to something wrong on my Raspberry Pi 2 cannot detect monitor correctly, I have to edit /boot/config.txt to set framebuffer_width and framebuffer_height to 500x400. So the screen output may be differency to you.

Arduino Side:
Board: Arduino Uno
Connected to Raspberry Pi 2 with USB.
Program and Connection: (refer last post Last Post)

- Raspberry Pi control Arduino + 8x8 LED Matrix, using Java/JavaFX/jSSC

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