Friday, October 25, 2013

ArduBlock - a graphical programming language for Arduino

Ardublock is a graphical programming environment to make programming physical computing with Arduino as easy as drag and drop.


Setup ArduBlock with Arduino IDE

- Open Arduino IDE

- Click File -> Preferences

- Record the Sketchbook location, and make sure the "Check for updates on startup" box is checked.

- Close Arduino IDE

- Download ardublock-all.jar from, or direct link at

- Copy the downloaded ardublock-all.jar to the directory <Sketchbook location>/tools/ArduBlockTool/tool/

Try ArduBlock from Arduino IDE

- Restart Arduino IDE.

- Click Tools -> ArduBlock to start ArduBlock.

- Drag and Drop something in ArduBlock, click Upload to update Sketch in Arduino IDE.

- Sketch code in Arduino IDE updated accordingly.

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