Friday, April 15, 2016

Arduino/Genuino 101 CurieIMU Orientation Visualiser

It's a tutorial "Arduino/Genuino 101 CurieIMU Orientation Visualiser". This tutorial demonstrates how to make use the Genuino 101's on-board 6-axis accelerometer/gyro to read the X, Y, and Z values of both the accelerometer and the gyroscope. While the accelerometer is able to determine the orientation of the board, the gyroscope measures the angular velocity of the board. Together, the accelerometer and the gyroscope form an Inertial Monitoring Unit (IMU) which can be used to precisely identify the orientation of the board. Madgwick's filter algorithm is used in this example to calculate four quarternions from the 6 axes' values. The quarternions are then used to calculate Euler angles Pitch, Yaw, and Roll, which are received by Processing and used to control the rotation of an object around the X, Y and Z axes.


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