Sunday, April 25, 2021

Arduino read Playstation 2 compatible Wireless Controller using Arduino-PS2X

This exercise program Arduino Uno to read Playstation 2 compatible 2.4G Wireless Controller using Arduino-PS2X.

madsci1016/Arduino-PS2X is a Arduino Library to read PS2 controller. 

To install Arduino-PS2X to Arduino IDE, download and unzip the code's ZIP file. and place 'PS2X_lib' folder into your Arduino's libraries.

Restart the Arduino IDE, and open up the example sketch. 

Connect PS2 controller pins to Arduino following in the example:

#define PS2_DAT        13  //14    
#define PS2_CMD        11  //15
#define PS2_SEL        10  //16
#define PS2_CLK        12  //17

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