Friday, August 29, 2014

LED Backlight of 2x16 LCD Module

Refer to last post of "Hello World of Arduino Uno + 2x16 LCD" follow the tutorial "LiquidCrystal - Hello World!". And I found a LED on the LCD bracket, with marking A and K.

To turn on the LED backlight, connect +ve to pin 15 (marked A on my board), and -ve or GND to pin 16 (marked K on my board), as shown here:

Notice: Because it have not been shown on the connection diagram in tutorial "LiquidCrystal - Hello World!". You are suggested to check it on your on-hand LCD module.

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  1. Thanks for posting this, I had a fairly similar problem seeing what I was doing in that last post and this helped immensely. Your instructions are a bit terse, but the video is helpful and to the point. I'll have to remember to do this the next time I work with a 2x16.

    Brian Hopkins @ Microtips USA