Thursday, April 9, 2015

ESP8266-01 open box, power-up test, with minimum config

Just bought a low-cost WiFi module, ESP8266-01. According to the seller, a brand new ESP8266 default run in CWMODE2, AP mode. (Actually, I can't find any official document mention the default mode)

To test if it is operate properly, simple apply 3.3v to VCC and GND, and connect CH_PD to VCC.

The module will run and setup a WiFi AP, named ESP_XXXXXX. You can use a mobile phone to scan the AP, and connect. That means your ESP8266 module is up and run properly.

Then connect it to PC with FTDI (USB-Serial interface). Make sure it's work on 3.3V, or a voltage level converter is need.

Connect as:
To communication with USB serial device, I use Arduino IDE, select port and run Serial Monitor. To connect with ESP8266 with current firmware, select 9600 baud and line end with Both NL & CR. Then can try enter AT command.

I have two devices wifi connected to the AP of ESP8266 in CWMODE 2; a mobile phone (IP: and the PC (IP: runnig the test. I tried to ping other devices from the PC, only the AP of ESP8266 (IP: can be ping, the another connected mobile phone (IP: cannot be reached!

That's my very first test on a brand new ESP8266-01 WiFi module, with everything factory default setting.


  1. I'm having the same problem. Did you find a solution?

    1. What problem?

      Cannot ping from each other? It suppose not a router, so cannot ping is right. - as I know.

  2. It need upload code to arduino?
    In monitor, arduino also display the comment of old code