Friday, November 21, 2014

Arduino BASIC - a BASIC interpreter running on an Arduino

Now you can turn your Arduino into an 80's home computer!

A complete BASIC interpreter for the Arduino, using a PS/2 keyboard, and SPI OLED screen. The BASIC supports almost all the usual features, with float and string variables, multi-dimensional arrays, FOR-NEXT, GOSUB-RETURN, etc. Saving and Loading from EEPROM is supported, as well as auto-running a program on power-up. You can also read and write from the analog and digital pins.

There's about 1k of RAM available for your BASIC programs and variables, so its roughly equivalent to my first computer (a Sinclair ZX81). The other 1k of RAM (on an UNO) is used for the keyboard and screen buffers, with a small bit of room left for the CPU stack. That works out quite well, since there's a 1k EEPROM on the arduino so if your program fits in the basic environment, it will fit when saved to EEPROM!

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