Tuesday, August 13, 2013

ARM TechCon 2013

Ranked one of the top three must-attend events in the embedded industry, ARM® TechCon™ is more than a conference. ARM TechCon’s unique 360-degree interactive training ground seeded to connect, instruct, advise and enable the world of electronic and ARM-based computer design provides attendees with a comprehensive understanding of ARM-based technology.

Through technical sessions, hands-on labs, exhibits, demonstrations, keynote and panel discussions, chip designers, system implementation engineers and software developers obtain exclusive access to trending design strategies, methodologies and tools for building ARM-based products.

This year, ARM TechCon connects software to hardware communities, and both to ARM Ecosystem Partners. As hardware engineers and software developers continue to collaborate on designs and integrate technologies these communities now work synergistically to accelerate time to market and optimize their designs utilizing both hardware and software.

ARM TechCon 2013 combines sessions for chip designers, system implementation engineers, and software developers in a shared venue, facilitating communities’ interaction, learning and collaboration.

link: http://www.armtechcon.com/

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