Thursday, June 11, 2015

Connecting Arduino: Programming And Networking With The Ethernet Shield

Connecting Arduino: Programming And Networking With The Ethernet Shield

All of the information you need, in one place. The Arduino Ethernet Shield is a powerful device for connecting Arduinos to local area networks and to the Internet. But despite its popularity, few authors have attempted to explain how to use this shield to its full potential – leaving new users and less-experienced programmers to piece together fragments of information.

In Connecting Arduino, Bob Hammell guides the reader through the processes and key concepts involved in writing projects that use the Ethernet Shield. More than just a recipe book, this in-depth series of tutorials explores all aspects of the Ethernet library, and discusses how to work with Internet protocols such as HTTP and DNS.

You don’t need a computer science degree to understand it, only a basic knowledge of how to write Arduino sketches. Using clear, easy-to-follow examples, you will learn how to:
- Connect your Arduino to your network router
- Work with the SD card reader built-in to the Ethernet Shield
- Download files and webpages from the Internet to your Arduino
- Serve files and make the information contained in a sketch available to the world
- Create a web-based user interface and API to control your projects
- Build a local DNS server
- Design and implement application protocols for Internet and network communication This is the definitive guide to the Arduino Ethernet Shield
– the documentation everyone else wishes they’d had; the best starting point for creating standalone, Internet-enabled devices; and your gateway to the Internet of Things.

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