Sunday, January 4, 2015

Programming Robotic Systems with Visual Studio

Tutorials/Course: Programming Robotic Systems with Visual Studio

If you'd like an introduction to programming embedded systems using Visual Studio, this training is for you. Experts walk you through programming Arduino microcontroller boards, along with the sensors and devices needed to build autonomous wheeled robots, robotic arms, and wirelessly controlled robots.

In this on-demand course, learn to write code that reads and writes values to hardware (using connection pins on the boards) like you would in a data entry application, but in this case you are controlling a physical system. Explore additional types of hardware, and discover how to program robots that can move around and interact with their environment. See how to increase their awareness and their ability to interact physically as they become more advanced. End the sessions with the tools to program both autonomous and remotely controlled robots that move around on either wheels or robotic legs. See how easy and affordable programming robotic systems can be!

For the code samples used in this course, please visit the Code files page:

Instructor | Chris Howd - Developer Content Planner/Microsoft; Paul Pardi - Content Development Lead/Microsoft

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