Sunday, January 19, 2014

Netduino Home Automation Projects

Netduino Home Automation Projects
Netduino Home Automation Projects
Netduino Home Automation Projects 
Automate your house, save lives, and survive the apocalypse with .NET on a Netduino!
  • Automate your house using a Netduino and a bunch of common components
  • Learn the fundamentals of Netduino to implement them in almost any project
  • Create cool projects ranging from self-watering plants to a homemade breathalyzer
In Detail
In recent years, electronics have gone from something that only electronic engineers can understand, to a common hobby that is accessible to all. Netduino has grown to be a part of this revolution, providing a development board that is both easy to use, and allows existing .NET developers to build on knowledge they already have.
Most developers have wild ideas about all the gadgets they would develop to make the world a better (or easier) place, but have no idea how to get beyond blinking an LED. The topics contained go beyond what most books cover, taking an in-depth look at how to use Netduino for practical projects.
This book starts off by showing you how to do the “hello world” of electronics – fade an LED in and out. It will take you right through all the fundamentals, including how to control a wide range of electronic sensors.
You will learn how easy it is to automate various parts of your home. You will learn how to open your gate with your smartphone, automatically water your plants, get emailed when someone invades your territory, connect up a keypad to unlock your door, make your own breathalyzer, control your home theatre, and much more!
What you will learn from this book
  • Write some simple code for a Netduino
  • Use a microphone to determine the noise level of the room
  • Power the sensors and components with external power supplies
  • Control existing technology and appliances around your house with transistors and relays
  • Link your smartphone to your Netduino with Bluetooth as a controller
  • Determine alcohol on your breath
  • Use servos to control physical objects
  • Use a matrix keypad to secure your house and much more
Netduino Home Automation Projects for Lazy Boys is written in a practical and friendly style. Reading this book will be an experience full of fun and learning as well.
Who this book is written for
This book is ideally suited for someone who is interested in home automation, has some experience in C#, and has used a Netduino before but wants to explore more advanced topics. However, the book starts from the very basics so it can be 

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